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Greenlee EK425LDBG11 6 Ton Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaws with 120V

November 22, 2013

Crimp your Applications with One Hand One handed crimping used to be something that electrician’s only dreamed about but thanks to Greenlee they can dream no more. The Greenlee EK425LDBG11 6 Ton Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaws with 120V, allows you to enjoy, yes I said enjoy, hours of crimping with up to 325 crimps per battery ...

Greenlee GATOR-EKG Gator Eye Diagnostic Tool

November 16, 2013

Monitors All Gator Tools The Greenlee Gator-EKG Gator Eye diagnostic Tool can be used in conjunction with all of Greenlee’s line of Gator tools. The Gator EKG eye, hooks up easily to your Gator tools, simply download the ipress software from Greenlee’s home website, then connect your USB to your PC or Mac and upload ...

Greenlee 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter SDG45

October 9, 2013

Do-It-All Cutter Every jobsite and professional has a plethora of cutting needs, this Greenlee SDG45 45 mm Remote ACSR Cable Guillotine Cutter is perfect as the go to cutter for every day, multi material uses. Not made for a specific task or a specific material, the cutter has a design and shape ideal for the ...

Greenlee LP6-08 6 Ton Closed Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw and 3/4 -16 Coupler

October 7, 2013

Make a Change Quick!   Leave all the frustration behind as you make changes on your crimping tool a whole heck of a lot quicker!  The Greenlee LP6-08 6 Ton Closed Center Hydraulic Cutting/Crimping Tool with CJD3BG Jaw and 3/4 -16 Coupler steps up as Greenlee’s answer for making swift tool changes happen! In order to ...

Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification

October 4, 2013

American Made Made in the very place it was innovated, the all new Klein MM5000N Electrician’s TRMS Multimeter with NIST Certification is made right here in the USA. Supporting your own country was never so easy as purchasing this durable, American-made True RMS Multimeter, which provides you with accurate readings of all signals. Included in the box is ...

Greenlee Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton L Series 12CCX Tool with 120V Charger E12CCXL11

July 30, 2013

A Unique Head Design The Greenlee E12CCXL11 Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton L Series 12CCX Tool with 120V Charger has been equipped with a helpful head design with three crimping head choices. These three choices include; an EK1230L for industry “U” type dies with 1.20″ or a 30 mm opening, the EK1240L for industry “U” type dies with 1.65″ ...

Greenlee Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton Series Crimping Tool with 120 V Charger EK1240L11

November 26, 2012

The Greenlee EK1240L11 Gator Battery-Powered 12-Ton L Series Crimping Tool with 120V Charger is the ultimate crimping tool accompanied with three crimping head choices including the industry “U” type dies with a 1.20″ opening, a 1.65″ opening, and a Kearney PH2 type die. The head’s design results in a lower tool weight, improving upon the product’s durability. In ...

Greenlee Classic Electric Bender for 1/2″ – 2″ Rigid Conduit and 1/2″ – 1-1/4″ IMC Conduit 555RC

July 14, 2012

Electrical conduit bending has been around for a long time and as long as it has been around companies have tried their hand at re-inventing, re-engineering and re-designing the electrical benders of the current day. Viewed by many to be the premier supplier and manufacturer of electric benders, Greenlee really does know its way around ...

Greenlee Ultra Cable Feeder with Hand Switch 6810

July 13, 2012

Trying to accomplish a job within the strict parameters of a deadline is always a struggle in the construction industry, accidents happen, people walk off the job or slack off, equipment breaks and all the while the deadline looms in the distance for the General Contractor. Your company can make keeping its contractual time obligations ...