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Klein 55455M Tradesman Pro Tech Bag

October 27, 2013

Keep It Together Part 1 Organize your tools into a system of bags, so that when you get out of the truck and arrive at the job, you won’t have to spend a lot of unnecessary time scouring around for the right tool. The Klein 55455M Tradesman Pro Tech Bag features a separate compartment that keeps your laptop protected from ...

Klein Overstrike Protector Large 5HOSPL

September 25, 2012

Over-strike damage is a fact when working with sledgehammers whether you use it for fire safety, construction, fence post work, or demolition work. Sledgehammers work hard!  Pounding boulders down to fine dust, breaking doors into two with a simple round of blows, and pounding the dirt to make fence posts. However with all of the ...

Klein Stubby Multi Bit Screwdriver/ Nut Driver with Square Recess Bit 32562-5

July 13, 2012

We’ve talked about the quality behind the Klein name so much in the last few weeks that were not going to cover them again. So if you don’t know who Klein is by now, then check out the manufacturer spotlight. The bottom line though, is that Klein makes excellent hand tools and if you check ...

Klein Torque Wrench Bucket 5104CLR36

June 28, 2012

If you are or your work includes jobs such as; utility work, lineman, sign crews, structural steel, ironworkers, bridge workers, framing, roofing, or fire and rescue, then you understand that too often your work area is not at the ground level. When the need to transport tools, parts and materials higher than six feet in the ...


June 8, 2012

  Timing is everything and Mathias Klein had timing on his side, he began working in a time when the communication industry was like the pony express of sending a telegraph. Mathias Klein emigrated from his homeland of Germany to America, in order  to practice his trade of blacksmithing, in the booming town of Chicago’s ...


May 29, 2012

Klein Tools, whom built its international Distribution Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and whose warehouse utilizes modern material handling and shipment processing methods to expedite orders and shipments of Klein products. The continued growth of the business drove an addition to this facility in 1984. At the same time, Klein expanded the facilities of their ...