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Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measurer Kit GLR225

December 5, 2012

Digital Laser Uses Easily calculate lengths, widths, and heights up to 230 feet with the Bosch Digital Laser Distance Measurer Kit GLR225. Most  laser measurer models currently on the market, and we are not naming names, can only calculate up to 1/8″, but the Bosch GLR225 can calculate up to a 1/16″ accurately when it is ...

CH Hanson 45 True Folding Layout Square 00045

September 3, 2012

Layout Square Functions A layout square is made in a triangular-shaped fashion and is used as a measuring tool specifically for producing square marks or angles on wood. Layout squares are available in two sizes, the 6 inch model, which is generally the most popular, and the 12-inch model. The layout square is designed to complete ...