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Greenlee Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger EHP700LU11

September 5, 2013

Intelligent Programming With a high end design, the Greenlee EHP700LU11 Hydraulic Battery-Powered Pump with 120V Charger is far more intelligent than any other competitive brand’s offering currently selling on the market today. The EHP700LU11 offers a  3 in 1 program option that allows you to accomplish crimping, cutting, and punching functions. The real-time crimp force, easily monitors with ...

Ridgid Drain Cleaner wc 24 cable 51402 47042 k-750

August 17, 2013

Powerfully Advances and Retrieves for You The Ridgid 47047 k-750 drain cleaner 51402 47042 is engineered to be a powerful, completely self-contained machine, that is specifically built to be  ideal for professionals working on lateral lines. The 51402 design is built with a power-feed, that powerfully advances, as well as retrieves the cable automatically in as little as up ...

Gardner Bender Electric Sidewinder Bender B2555RIG with 1/2″-2″ Rigid Shoe Group

August 4, 2013

180 Degree One Shot Bends This  B2555RIG model has something a bit cooler up its sleeve than the average bender, as Gardner made the Electric Sidewinder Bender with the very cool option to make a 180 degree one-shot bend, that will entirely change how your company purchases benders and shoes, specifically as it applies to ...

Ridgid K-400 Drum Machine with C-32 IW Cable, Gloves, & AUTOFEED 27008

August 1, 2013

Transport the Ridgid 27008 with Ease You can easily take the Ridgid 27008 K-400 Drum Machine with C-32 IW Cable, Gloves, & AUTOFEED anywhere, at anytime that you need it to go. Meeting clients and jumping work sites is made simple with the Ridgid designed integrated transport cart. This new design makes the machine, cart-like, allowing for easy movement ...

Ridgid SeeSnake CS10 Digital Recording Monitor 39338 with 2 Batteries and Charger

July 31, 2013

USB Thumb Drive Recording The Ridgid 39338 SeeSnake CS10 Digital Recording Monitor with 2 Batteries and Charger is now designed with an ultra smart inclusion of a USB Thumb Drive with recording. This optimizes your ability to share with your clients what you find on the SeeSnake CS10 and it lets you record digitally into a format that your client(s) ...

Ridgid 300 Compact Threader with 250 Stand 67182

July 26, 2013

Proven Heavy Duty Performance Ridgid has a well sustained and proven reputation among professionals and contractors everywhere for producing tough lasting threading machines. The Ridgid 67182 300 Compact Threader with 250 Stand has become the leader of compact threaders on the work site, as it tackles heavy duty jobs. Performance is never an issue with the 300 Compact Threader ...

Ridgid 23702 K-1500A Sectional Machine with C-14 Cables

July 20, 2013

  K-1500A Sectional Machine Includes Everything You Need The Ridgid 23702 K-1500A Sectional Machine with C-14 Cables includes a Sectional Machine, an A-1 Mitt, an  A-12 Pin Key, one A-34-12 Rear Guide Hose, seven C-14 Sectional Cable, two A-8 Cable Carriers, and Nine-Piece 1-1/4″ Tool Set. One-Person Operating Features  The Ridgid 23702 K-1500 has been lauded as the finest all-around sewer and drain cleaning machine. Not too ...

Ridgid SeeSnake microReel L100C and micro CA-300 System 40808

July 14, 2013

The Ridgid 40808 SeeSnake microReel L100C Gives You a Quicker Option The Ridgid SeeSnake microReel L100C and micro CA-300 System 40808 allows you to perform inspections quicker and easier than ever. The L100C is built with a lightweight and compact unit size, which allows you to easily stow it almost anywhere on the job site, or in the ...

Ridgid 200′ Mini-Seesnake Reel / Color Reel Only 14063

June 30, 2013

The Ridgid 200′ Mini-Seesnake Reel / Color is Portable The Ridgid 14063 200′ Mini-Seesnake Reel / Color (Reel only) is the most portable option of all the seesnake reels, weighing in at a reasonable to carry 25 pounds. Thus offering superior maneuverability, for even the most crucial jobs, such as multi-story buildings, roof tops, and confined areas. The Ridgid 200′ 14063 Mini-Seesnake Reel ...

Ridgid 52 RPM 300 Compact Pipe Threading Machine w/ 250 stand 75602

May 26, 2013

 Heavy Duty Performance with a Portable Design   Heavy Duty applications are welcomed with the Ridgid 52 RPM 300 Compact Pipe Threading Machine w/ 250 stand 75602 . This threader is a proven heavy duty performer and is ideal for applications that require a lot of field work, because it can easily be used in correlation with service ...