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Ridgid 88232 Roll Groover 915

September 25, 2012

 What is a Roll Groover used for? A  large tool that prepares two ends of a pipe for joining, mainly the roll groover is specifically employed for larger pipe sizes, where it would be impossible to maneuver a traditional pipe threader. It is considered to be a dependable option with less total hours of labor involved, ...

Ridgid NaviTrack II Line Locator 96967

August 21, 2012

Make your company’s mapping jobs easier and more effortless than ever with the Ridgid 96967 NaviTrack II Line Locator! Check out the possibilities in mapping with this line locator, as it may possibly be the easiest machine of its type on the market to learn to use. The 96967 has standard frequencies, 512 sonde Hz and  five ...

Ridgid Drain Cleaner with C-131-SB 5/16″ Cable 71722 K-40G PF

August 21, 2012

This professional plumber tool is specifically designed to produce professional results for plumbers or plumbing companies alike. The Ridgid 71722 Drain Cleaner with C-131-SB 5/16″ Cable K-40G PF is the dual feed sink machine which easily provides the professional with a powerful, yet durably compact machine, and is made for cleaning small secondary drain lines from 3/4″ ...

Ridgid SeeSnake MiniPak Monitor with Compact Reel 3291 Ridgid Transmitter, STD SeeSnake FleXmitter 15323

August 2, 2012

The  Ridgid 32913 SeeSnake MiniPak Monitor with Compact Reel has a color LCD display measuring 5.7″ but more importantly, the improved LCD display is now built with a larger and brighter screen. Two optional power sources, the first being two 18 volt li-ion batteries, and the second is in case you find yourself in a position where ...

Ridgid 42348 SeeSnake Max Camera System rM200 Complete

July 26, 2012

Ridgid, one of the leading manufacturers of premier plumbing tools and equipment brings to market another brand new SeeSnake Max Camera System, the rM200. This new 42348 rM200 Complete model is geared to offer a simpler experience when inspecting longer and tighter lines. The SeeSnake is designed as a video inspection system that can handle ...

Ridgid 36475 Ratchet Threader Set and Greenlee 7506 Slug-Splitter Knockout Punch Kit

July 14, 2012

Investing in a tool set is a big decision, the cost is high and your expectations should be higher. Especially in today’s economy where every penny spent on tools should work hard to deliver that cash right back into the bank for you. Below, we have listed two tool kits from top brand name tool ...

RIDGID RP 210-B Pro-Press with Special Tool Promotion

April 30, 2012

   RIGID offers an extra sweet incentive to all those who choose to purchase an RP 210-B Press Tool Kit with ProPress Jaws between April 1st and June 30th! Buy now and receive a Free Compact ProPress Jaw For Copper and Stainless!  What it does RIGID RP 210-B Press Tool Kit is a quick and dependable way ...

The Ridgid 15682 300 Complete Pipe Threading Machine

April 23, 2012

Ridgid’s 15682 300 Complete Pipe Threader  has a reputation for being a solid product with guaranteed performing power.  Professionals know that they can bank on the heavy-duty workloads that this machine can easily turn out and handle. Displaying the very best in pipe threading technology, the Ridgid 300 has become the authority in affordable and dependable ...

Ridged 26092 1224 Pipe Threading Machine

April 11, 2012

The Pipe Capacity The Ridgid 26092 1224 Pipe Threading Machine comes with a pipe capacity of ¼”- 4” and 4”- 6”, and is equipped with a powerful 161 geared threader. This 1224 Pipe Threading Machine has some serious muscle! It can easily thread the ¼”- 2” pipe at 36 RPM’s as well as thread the ...

RIGID KJ-3100 Water Jetter

April 5, 2012

This portable water jetter jets 2” to 10” drain lines, as it allows you 3000psi actual working pressure that will handle commercial or industrial applications. It has a lightweight flexible hose that will easily blast through sludge, soap, grease, and sediment blockages. As you pull the hose back up it will power scrub the line, flushing ...