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OSHA Top Ten Highest Company Fines Countdown

July 20, 2012

The following incidents were enforced with large fines as the result of a failure to adhere to safety practices on the worksite and the companies complete non compliance in many workers safety statutes outlined by OSHA to be followed in order to save lives. Many times the result was not just a very large fine ...

Top Eight Most Cited Violations By OSHA

June 22, 2012

These are the top 8 Federal OSHA violations for small companies  in construction, this data spanned 16,473 small businesses . A whopping total of 50,630 citation were given out by OSHA representatives  in the  2010 fiscal year. Employers paid more than $46 million total, which averaged out to be approximately $900 a citation. OSHA’s Top Eight ...

Fall Protection

April 20, 2012

Fall protection is the number one most cited statutes that are violated by employers on the worksite. Fall protection falls into what OSHA calls the “Fatal Four”. A category including the leading causes of worker deaths on construction sights. Three out of five people who have died on the jobsite have died from one of ...