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Stiletto 5-Piece TiBone Combo Kit

August 6, 2012

This hammer is a pleasurable working experience, especially if you are a seasoned veteran who experiences the occasional joint discomfort associated with years of hard hitting hammer blows. Even for the less chronically injured, this tool offers sanctuary from the abuse caused by using heavy hammers.  Why? Because the Stiletto 5-Piece TiBone Combo Kit offers some of ...

Stiletto 14 oz. Mini Ti Bone Hammer TBM14RMS

July 17, 2012

Stiletto brand hammers are known to be the very best in the business for their hard hitting appeal while still delivering 10 times less recoil shock per blow. The Stiletto TBM14RMS 14 oz. Mini Ti Bone Hammer is a framer’s hammer that features a steel replaceable face and hits like a 24 ounce hammer. What this means ...