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Klein 55455M Tradesman Pro Tech Bag

October 27, 2013

Keep It Together Part 1 Organize your tools into a system of bags, so that when you get out of the truck and arrive at the job, you won’t have to spend a lot of unnecessary time scouring around for the right tool. The Klein 55455M Tradesman Pro Tech Bag features a separate compartment that keeps your laptop protected from ...

Occidental Leather 5062 4 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag

August 11, 2013

Thick and Well Made The Occidental Leather 5062 4 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag is a thick well made bag that fits a 3″ belt. It has the very same features as the 5060, plus an additional outer pouch. Occidental Leather’s 5062 4 Pouch Pro Fastener Bag ranges from small to large and has the ability to fit several ...

Occidental Leather Suspender System 5055

June 7, 2013

Always Distributes Your Weight Evenly The Occidental Leather 5055 Suspender System has a reputation for great craftsmanship and especially for creating a suspender system with a well designed fit. Put this suspender system on and you will enjoy the convenience of the 5055′s even load distribution which is designed to Keep your back in the best possible position while ...

Occidental Leather Stronghold Big Oxy Set 5530LG

January 24, 2013

If You Like Big  Bags… The Occidental Leather Stronghold Big Oxy Set 5530LG  is made of a 3″ heavy duty work belt comprised of 12 oz. English bridle leather and has a steel roller bucklewill. This Big Oxy Set will no doubt put your old tool belt to shame, thanks to it’s 28 tool carrying pockets and holders, ...