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DeWalt Gull Wing Standard Crossover Box – Aluminum 70″ DIGG70

April 1, 2013

Just The Right Fit The DeWalt Gull Wing Standard Crossover Box – Aluminum 70″  DIGG70  has a 70″ length, a 19.5″ width and a 15″ depth. It has an aluminum finish with a holding capacity of 10.6 cubic feet. In addition, DeWalt built the Gull Wing Standard Crossover Box with a double lid design for access from ...

Knaack LLC: History

June 29, 2012

In an early morning meeting in the 1960’s, three men  discussed an idea they had been tossing around for a business opportunity, to  fill a need in the sheet metal fabrication business. They thought there was some opportunity in, constructing “ready on site” jobsite tool boxes. The meeting was a final attempt to get Mr. ...

Knaack LLC: 1980-Present Day

June 22, 2012

          THE 1980′S The  1980’s  brought with it a new decade, as well as an entirely new line of KNAACK Tool boxes, offering contractors a solid, durable quality tool box that was simpler to utilize. Some of the new innovations included gas pistons, which were included on the  KNAACK Gang Boxes ...

Job Site Security: Products Designed to Protect against Theft

April 1, 2012

   Job Site Safety : Product Round Up Continuing on with our job site safety expose, we have included some important products to consider in order to aid you in the protection and  security of your valuables on the worksite, your truck, and home. We selected each product carefully, keeping in mind  what our consumers ...