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TeleSteps 14-1/2 Foot Consumer/Commercial Line”TYPE 1″ 300 LBS Rating Telescopic Ladder 1800EP

July 31, 2012

TeleSteps 14-1/2 Foot Consumer/Commercial Line"TYPE 1" 300 LBS Rating Telescopic Ladder 1800EP

Having a great ladder is paramount in many areas of the construction industry, especially for roofers, electricians, and builders. Yet having a big heavy ladder is such a pain, as is the large roof rack you have to hang it from on your truck! Save yourself some gas, and the truck the wear and tear, with the TeleSteps 14-1/2 Foot Consumer/Commercial Line” TYPE 1″ 300 LBS Rating Telescopic Ladder  1800EP.

Completely folded down this little ladder is compact and easily carried, and can even be taken on an airplane. This TeleStep 1800EP ladder is so convenient that it can literally be taken to almost any job site imaginable. The TeleSteps 1800EP 14-1/2 Foot “Type 1″ 300 Pound ladder is constructed with only strong and sturdy, lightweight, high quality aluminum alloys. This offers the user a much lighter ladder weighing in at only 30 pounds itself. But don’t let this ladder’s light weight fool you, as it has the ability to hold a maximum of 300 pounds! The 1800EP Telescopic Ladder has an impressive variable length of as little as 33 inches, to a maximum of 14.5 feet when it is fully extended. It displays outer dimensions of packaging of  33″ x 4.9″ x 20″ and provides the very same climbing height as an 18 ft. extension ladder.

The TeleSteps 1800EP 14-1/2 Foot “TYPE 1″ 300 lbs. Ladder  telescopes itself up in one foot  increments at a time and has a fully automatic telescoping operation. Even though this ladder may look like something your wife picked out, it really is a man’s best friend. If you have any doubts check out the reviews for this ladder we have on our site.

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