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TeleSteps 1600 12-1/2 Foot 250 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

May 30, 2013

Automatically Telescopes Up to 16 Feet

TeleSteps 1600 12-1/2 Foot 250 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

The TeleSteps 1600 12-1/2 Foot 250 Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Telescoping Ladder is currently one of Telesteps most innovative ladders available. It has a new smart design feature, specifically designed to take the manual labor out of telescoping one’s ladder up themselves, because the 1600 can automatically telescope up to the operators desired height, on its own, plus it does so in one foot increments. This 12.5 foot ladder safely stretches itself to new heights, as it delivers the same standing and climbing height as a full 16 foot extension ladder. That being said however, be cautioned, as it is always an imperatively good idea to read over any ladder’s instruction manual before using it for the fist time. The 1600 is no different, as the manual gives the user a full explanation on how to operate the fully automatic features, including how to use the telescoping operation, which could become damaged if improperly used.

Made From Quality Materials

Telesteps creates their aluminum telescoping ladder from the highest quality materials, offering a superior product that holds up to 250 pounds without bending or warping. The 1600 12 and 1/2 foot ladder is made from the very best sturdy, lightweight, and high quality aluminum alloys. As such, Telestep’s ladders have become renowned for their quality both domestically and internationally, having received over ten international awards including the Retailers Choice Awards.

Never Bulky and Great for Transport

The 1600 Ladder has been designed with storage and portability factors in mind as well, as it is engineered to be easy to hand carry as it  closes down to just 30 inches in size when folded up, making it quite manageable even when carrying it under one arm from location to location. Lightweight for a large ladder, especially one that delivers a climbing height of 16 feet, the Telesteps 1600 does not weigh in bulky and heavy, in fact it weighs only 23 pounds total, making it even more manageable and portable.

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