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TeleSteps Combi Ladder Line “TYPE 1A” 300 Lbs Rating 10S 6-1/2 foot 10S

June 12, 2012

The super lauded and raved about TeleSteps Combi Ladder Line “TYPE 1A” 300 Lbs Rating 10S 6-1/2 foot 10S is a combination extension, step, and adjustable ladder that is a multi functioning telescope model. It boasts a whopping maximum height, as a step ladder, of  6.5 feet! This little step ladder is so compact it can be easily stored in the back seat of your truck, freeing up some space in your truck bed, for bigger bulkier items, it can also be stored in a small closet space, your camping motor home or under your office desk, or any where really, thanks to its small compact design. The TeleSteps 10S can extend beyond the step ladder stage into a full on extension ladder  and be set up at 8.5 feet, or taken further into climbing height mode to a total 10 feet of ladder height. The back end adjusts for jobs on stair cases, as well as any uneven surfaces you find your self dealing with, and features a wide step to aid you in a comfortable climb and stand. It has a fully automatic telescoping operation to open up the ladder into a step ladder, full extension ladder, or climbing height ladder. The TeleSteps Combi Ladder boasts a durable, sturdy, and lightweight high quality aluminum alloy in its physical make up, no cheap composition here, this ladder was made in high quality to last. It’s so easy to carry, so simplistic to utilize and storage is a breeze, just take it down to minimal height and put it almost anywhere.

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