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TeleSteps 12.5 Ft. Type 1A Black 300 Pound Telescoping Ladder 1600ET

August 6, 2012

TeleSteps12.5 Ft. Type 1A Black Telescoping Ladder 300 Pound 1600ET

Having previously featured and reviewed two other Telesteps ladders in our blog, you may be wondering why we are coming back once again to the Telesteps brand? The answer, is mainly because of the high praise and high customer feedback received on the success of our customers TeleSteps purchase. The TeleSteps ladder is successfully used for so many differing tasks, professions and lines of work, thanks in part to its simple compact design coupled with the high weight and extension ratio.

Many know about Telestep’s usefulness for security work, utility control, doing work as an adjuster, construction, roofing, and even simple tasks like cleaning gutters. What most people do not know about Telestep’s ladders is that many of their models are built specifically for and utilized by our nations military. In fact one of the largest consumers to depend on the TeleSteps 1600ET 12.5 foot Type 1A Black Telescoping Ladder is State, Local and National Law Enforcement, not to mention our own US Military.

The TeleStep 1600ET has been made with black anodized steel to support you with special non-reflective applications and telescopically extends into 12.5 total feet in one foot increments. This is in addition to being a fully automatic telescoping operation. The TeleStep ladders are always made from sturdy, lightweight high quality aluminum alloys, allowing the user a high weight limit, without breaking, bending, or denting the ladder or its steps. The Telesteps 1600ET is OSHA & ANSI 14.2 compliant with dimensions of 31″ X 3.5″ x 19.5″ and has a total weight of  24 pounds when fully extended to 12.5′. The TeleSteps 1600ET Telescoping ladder has been rated with a TYPE 1A  300 pound rating.

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