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Part 2 Top Ten Worst Tools to Have For The Zombie Apocalypse

October 29, 2013

Do Be Ninja quiet and don’t call attention to yourself. As the evolution of Survival sometimes requires you to think in new ways, what once seemed like a great idea can suddenly be a very, very bad idea when dealing with the re-animated corpses of lost love ones and neighbors. Here is our compilation of the very worst tools to use in a zombie apocalypse.

Part 2

Milwaukee 2347-2X High Vis Heated Jacket

5. The Milwaukee 2347-2x M12 cordless ANSI class III Heated Jacket might seem like a great idea when trying to avoid being struck by an RV full of speeding refugees, but loses it’s appeal when you picture the grey stripes as pre-portioning your HIGHLY VISIBLE extremities. At a certain point, if you find yourself asking whether or not you have a better chance strapping on a cordless strobe light to your back and hanging a mini disco ball from your neck, then you might want to veer towards an option that doesn’t merely equivocate to a means of heating food .

4. DeWalt DC547B 18V Cordless Adhesive Gun 300 Ml. If the only gun you can get your hands on is this DeWalt adhesive gun, then maybe you might want to start practicing your best zombie groan..graaah..greehh..rwerrrr.

3. TRM 620C 20×100 6 mil Clear Visqueen. If your looking for a way to entertain yourself then by all means lay a few hundred feet of this down in the prison yard and let the laughs begin as you watch zombies start slipping and piling up on each other… Or secretly lay this down around the corner in one of the halls and watch one of your fellow survivors turn the corner and accidentally start doing their best running in place Scooby Doo impression…. other than that you might want to consider grabbing something just a little sharper.

2. Makita MAC700 2.0 Horse Power Air Compressor. Got a flat tire? Be it motorbike, car, bicycle, or RV, then this air compressor could be a  life savor, right? No, not really, although  it is packed with awesome features such as a cast iron pump with Big Bore cylinder and piston, which is engineered to provide faster recovery time for improved performance… The only problem is that this compresser is so loud that your nearly guaranteed to have the back of your head chewed off, before you can unscrew the first lug nut… So if your into self preservation, our advice grab a hand pump.

1.CEP 6506G Temp Power Box TwistLock 6 Outlet. So enticing, to have power anywhere with a temp power box! these boxes have great attributes including being engineered to utilize the latest GFCI technology that provides the user with the highest level of electrical safety. Additionally, these power distribution centers are protected by a GFCI module giving the user open neutral and reverse phasing protection. The only problem… Try stuffing one of these in your gear bag and making a quick getaway, or seeing how handy it is if you find you and three other of your fellow survivors standing around it with your corded power tools plugged in as you become thoroughly surrounded… Instead you could always stick with solar.

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