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Top Eight Most Cited Violations By OSHA

June 22, 2012

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These are the top 8 Federal OSHA violations for small companies  in construction, this data spanned 16,473 small businesses . A whopping total of 50,630 citation were given out by OSHA representatives  in the  2010 fiscal year. Employers paid more than $46 million total, which averaged out to be approximately $900 a citation.

OSHA’s Top Eight Hit List

1. General Requirements

For Regulations Falling Under CFR 192604581

8,506 cited violations both willful and serious, which had a total value of $8.5 million in fines given with the average fine being approximately $999 dollars.

2.Duty to have Fall Protection

For Regulations falling under CFR 19260501

7,654 citations were issued for both willful and serious violations, which had a total value of $11,125,000 dollars in fines given with an average fine cost of $1,453 dollars.

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3. Ladders

For Regulations falling under CFR 19261053

3,961 citations were issued for infractions that were considered willful or serious violations, or both. There were $2,840,000 dollars in fines issued that carried an average fine amount of $716.

4. Training Requirements

For Regulations falling under CFR 19260503

In the 2010 calendar year, there were 2,473 cited infractions considered willful, serious or both. There were $1,630,000 in fines issued with an average fine of $659 dollars.

5.Hazard Communication

For Regulations falling under CFR 19101200

2,029 cited fines in 2010, with $555,000 dollars worth of penalties imposed for willful or serious violations, with the average penalty imposed being $273 dollars per fine.

6. General Safety and Health Provisions

For Regulations falling under CFR 1926.020

2,025 citations issued in 2010, with a total fine amount of $1,430,000 dollars paid for violations considered willful serious or both by OSHA. The average fine amount was $706 dollars per fine.

7. Head Protection

For Regulations outlined under CFR 1926.100

1,811 cited instances of willful or serious infractions relating to not having or wearing proper head protection on the worksite. The total amount of fines issued summed up to $1,150,000 dollars in 2010 and carried with them an average fine amount of $635 dollars.

8.Eye and Face Protection

For Regulations Outlined Under CFR 1926.102

In 2010 1,476 citations were issued for infractions relating to the improper use of eye and/or face protection by OSHA. Those fines totaled $849,000 dollars, making eye and face protection OSHA’s eighth most fined infraction. The average citation amount was $575 dollars per fine.


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