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Top Ten Power Tool Do’s and Don’ts: Part 1

March 14, 2013

   Power Tool Use and Maintenance Tips

A great power tool many times is only as good as the owner that looks after it. Here we give you some tips and pointers on the do’s and don’ts for using your power tools. Follow these guidelines for a longer overall life.

1o. Always use the correct power tool for the correct job application, never force it to comply on a job it cannot achieve the correct results on. Power tools are designed for specific purposes, so using them for only that designated purpose is not just a best practice, it’s also common sense.

9. Never use your power tools if the on/off switch no longer functions. Power tools that no longer function on a switch are dangerous to attempt to controlled and should always be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

8. Store your power tools away from children. Power tools can be extremely harmful to children if turned on and operated without supervised care.

7. Always disconnect the power tools plug from its power source or battery pack before attempting to make adjustments, changing accessories, or storing it. This will significantly reduce the risk of a power tool starting up accidentally.

6. Maintain your power tools by routinely checking them for misaligned parts, the binding of moving parts, breakage, or other detectable parts breakdown.

5. Keep your power tools sharp and clean. Power tools that have been maintained are less likely to lose control and bind up on the operator and cause accidents.

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