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Top Ten Power Tool Do’s and Don’ts: Part 2 Milwaukee 33-Degree Angle Drive Kit 48-06-2860

March 15, 2013

Power Tool Do’s And Don’ts

Part 2: Power Tool Care and Tips

4. Use your power tools accessories and parts that are manufactured for the power tool model and type only. Follow this tip and you will not wear out, or damage a costly tool by trying to customize or skip an important piece the power tool needs for some applications.

3. Use the dust extraction connection, if your power tools comes with one, this allows you to keep your tool in good condition , without breakdown due to excessive dust and debris build-up.

2. Maintain the labels and name plates on your power tools. These will keep you informed by providing valuable information in case your tool requires service or needs troubleshooting.

1. Always hold your tool with the insulated gripping surface, it will protect the user from possible shock while working around live wires.

The Milwaukee 33-Degree Angle Drive Kit

Milwaukee 48-06-2860 33-Degree Angle Drive Kit

 Milwaukee has an attachment to their drill that elongates 30″ with an extension tube,  has a drive angle of 33 and has a 1:1 speed . It supports drilling hole sizes of 2-9/16″ with a drive shaft that has hex sockets on both ends, it also has two clamping collars, and a side handle. this Milwaukee 33-Degree Angle Drive Kit 48-06-2860 can reach floors or ceilings easily with it’s extension, which provides 30 inches of additional drilling reach, while also providing superior transfer of power and torque. This accessory can be used with these Milwaukee drills; 1001-1, 1007-1, 1101-1, 1107-6, 1201-1, and 1250-1. It is important to note that THIS ITEM DOES NOT INCLUDE THE DRILL, OR THE CHUCK, and that with some prolonged and heavy use, some components may need to be replaced. When this happens, use only Milwaukee specified replacement parts to achieve maximum life and performance.

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