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Top Ten safety Tips for Woodworkers

September 3, 2012

Woodworking Top Ten Safety Tips

Here are ten top tips for wordworkers follow whenever they are using their power tools and working on projects or the job site. These are fail safe tips that if you follow you will find there is no danger or injury to working with your tools and you can have an enjoyable experience whether it is a hobby, a job, or a DIY project. We will do it Dave style and start with number 10 as we count down to the number one most important woodworking tip.

10. Pay Attention

When working with your power tools make sure you have your eye on the prize. Distraction from your power tool will pay you back with one less digit. If you need to address something, turn off your tool and take care of it, never leave it running , even if you are just momentarily stepping away. So be carful.

9. Cut into the Stock

Experienced woodworkers should know this but many do not. When working with power tools make sure the wood moves through the power tool and is opposite from the movement of the cutting head.

8. Never Use Dull Cutting Blades

Dull blades are dangerous and have a tendency to kick back or bind while working. A sharp blade will give superior results and move through the wood in a smooth effortless swoop as you cut.

7. Keep your Hands Away From Moving Parts

Seems like an obvious tip but it still happens everyday from worksites to high school classrooms. Wait to remove the cut offs that accumulate around the machine, or just turn it off completely before you remove any refuse. In High School shop class they tell the kids to us an extra piece of wood even when the blade has stopped moving and push the wood off with the stick instead of your hands.

6. Check for Metal Scraps

Before cutting, check for stray metal scraps such as nails. Once the blade hits them, you will wish you did!

5. Drink Later

Having a beer while working with power tools is a recipe for disaster, always stay sober while working.

4.Turn All Tools Off and Unplug Tools

When leaving the shop turn all tools off and unplug each. tho swill save any small children from playing on them while your away and having a disaster happen.

3. Blade Change Safety

Always remember to disconnect power before exchanging blades.

2. Frayed Wires

Never use a power tool that has frayed wires or is damaged on the cord, replace cords and damaged parts. This will prevent sparking and a potential fire hazard.

1. PPE

Always wear your personal protective equipment. Protecting your eyes and hands is paramount, also nix any hanging jewelry from your neck, ears, and arms.



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