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Top Ten tools Needed To survive The Zombie Apocalypse

October 30, 2013

Part 3 of our 4 Part Halloween Special Features Our Top 10 Must Have Tools For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Part Three

10. Nupla 31063 6 lb AP-6-32. Pick Head Axe 32″ Classic Handle. A classic Zombie killing tool that you just have to have. Also Great for clearing off the fence.

9. Pyramex GG504TSHIELD Capstone Shield.  Keep spatter off your face and your nose intact, with this sanitary face saving product. That way when you do go, you’ll still be the best looking “walker” with a limp in your gait. The Pyramex Capstone GG504 shield has a removable shield that can be opened or closed in three positions.  It features four ventilation holes for airflow, as well as a poly carbonate shield on the outside, and on the inside it has a soft vinyl goggle that smoothly conforms to the users facial contours for a great fit. Finally, the high impact resistance against flying particles is a plus, as well as the fact that it fits over prescription glasses.

Pyramex GC504 TSHIELD Capstone Shield

8. weatherguard 126-3-02 Saddle Box – Steel. Its a dog eat dog world now, but more so in a literal sense. A tool box is an uncompromisingly necessary solution, because you are not just fending yourself from the local zombies, you are also trying to keep your survival stash safe from roving would be thieves! This Saddle box is great for equipping to your mobile artillery vehicle, or truck! And it features an EXTREME PROTECTION Lock , a 90º cover opening for easy access, level storage that secures a 48″ level, a 12v access for electrical up-fits, which even features a Bright White Armor-Tuf powder coat finish.

Union Tools 30586 16 lb. Double Face Sledge Hammer

7. Union Tools 30586 16-lb Double face Sledge Hammer 36-in Handle. Our tenth pick as a must have tool for the invasion of the dead. This Double Face Sledge has it all, as it is ideal for heavy pounding jobs. With a forged steel head and  chamfered edges, this two faced sledge hammer has added durability and dependability. In addition, the handle has a nice length to it, as you don’t want to get too close to chomping teeth, and grasping hands, as such it  measures 36-inches and has a lacquered hickory handle for strength. On the chance that the service center tech isn’t wandering around aimlessly dead, there is also an included limited lifetime guarantee.

6. Rope Products 352208 9/16″ x 300 foot double braided rope, may seem silly, but every survivalist knows that rope is a refugees best friend. This product is great for tying up and interrogating robbers, thieves, and burglars, or even for detaining people in your camp suffering from mental breakdowns. It is even great for building a temporary shelter, or lassoing and dragging the governor! Well a guy can dream can’t he…

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