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TPI 30″ Pedestal Fan ACU30P

May 9, 2012

 The TPI 30″ PEDESTAL FAN ACU30P is an oscillating fan with two speed settings. An oscillating fan is a fan that rotates from side to side while operating. It creates a tremendous breeze throughout the space it occupies, instead of just blowing in one direction continuously. It features a mega sized 30-inch diameter and a 12 foot power cord. Simple to operate, just tug on the pull-chain on this standard circulating fan and the power hits you like a punch, this fan has serious air flow! The motor is totally enclosed with a permantly split capacitor. This fan meets OSHA standard guidelines.

So Cold You Might Need Mittens

 The TPI 30” Pedestal Fan ACU30P is a tremendous help in the hot summer heat. Put the ACU30P fan unit in front of your home or office air conditioner and experience the awesome ability it offers as it quickly expedites the cooling process in any enclosure. With the ACU30P fan in correlation with your air conditioner, you can put your AC on a higher temperature, and keep the bill for the summer down, as the added fan breeze flowing continually will keep you cool and comfortable. Its portable and therefore can be moved to any spot you find where a steep sudden drop in temperature might be needed, you could possibly use it in front of an open window and bring in the fresh air from outside.  Even without the added air conditioner this fan is SO powerful that it will blow your socks off. We plugged it in at ToolUp.com and were wowed by the power and performance this fan kicked out, as one of our interns was knocked to the floor when we turned it on high. We highly recommend this product for your cooling needs.



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