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TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater – 240V

October 26, 2013

Beat The Chills with this Small Heater

Winters icy chill is blowing in through every work shop, work site, hunting cabin, and man cave across the United States, curling up mustaches and toes everywhere! As you shuffle around doubled up in long johns, it may occur to you to get a small heater. With the PI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater you can melt the icicles in your beard or stop worrying about your woman snapping off one of her frostbitten toes under the covers, when she starts rubbing them against your unwelcoming calves and ankles.

The TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater – 240V

TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater - 240V

The TPI ICH-240C is constructed with a finned steel tubular heating element, making it safer to run than traditional heaters. The internal overheat thermostat, will not let your heater over heat itself, even when left on for extended periods of time. This will keep you and those around you safe from instances of overheating and causing a fire to start.  Designed specifically with safety in mind, a safety temperature control thermostat, keeps the heat in check while you relax by it’s warmth, or even if you simply need to go out in the garage to do a little early morning work.

The Specifics

 The TPI ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater has 240 volts of power. Additionally, It runs on a single phase motor as it runs on a whopping  4000.00 Watts. Also, the working cap outputs at an amazing 13648 Btu Max. This portable little red heater can travel with you almost anywhere, however unless hypothermia is your thing, we do not recommend running an extension cord from your ice fishing cabin out onto the ice, thanks to it’s convenient dimensions. It has a  with a height of 12-3/4″, a width of 10-5/8″, and a depth of 10″ . Finally, a convenient 6 foot cord length reaches almost any plug in your space and can be wrapped up easily to avoid tripping.

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