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Trojan Saw Caddy SC744

October 23, 2012

A Saw Stand With Indivduality

Trojan Saw Caddy SC744

Trojan knows how to make saw caddies that are durable and have a reputation of quality construction. Designed to set up in a snap for its operator it also has the added benefit to adjust to the correct height for each individual user, thus ensuring your Trojan Saw Caddy is as customizable as possible. Trojan’s Saw Caddy strives to be both parts, convenient and individualized. And the additional mobility that has been emphasized into the design makes this saw Caddy, undeniably, a handy mans best friend! The smart fold up design is compact and ideal for a pro on the go. It folds up in a suit case style fashion, with the handle at the top for easy gripping when you need to get gone. In addition Trojan’s SC744 is not limited to just saws, but may  be used with a variety of other tools, by simply mounting a piece of plywood to the SC744′s frame, the possibilities become endless.

The Specifics

The Trojan Saw Caddy SC744 is made of top quality steel tube construction, which is then covered in a durable powder coat finish that lasts for years. Additionally, the Caddy is adjustable from a 36″ working height, with a 24″ frame height, and legs that adjust to any rugged uneven surfaces you may encounter guaranteeing that your stand is always on solid ground. Plus, it also sports a collapsible foam padded handle for optimum comfort  as well as an easy five minute assembly. Finally, the rugged 10″ wheels and compact design make moving the Caddy from one job site to the other easy as pie.

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