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Trojan RipMaster Tablesaw Stand RM36540U

July 15, 2012


The Trojan RipMaster Tablesaw Stand RM36540U is the most portable table saw you will find currently on the market today. The RM36540U is really fast and effortless to setup at any work site, be it residential or industrial you will agree this table is a master of  versatility. The Ripmaster Tablesaw is engineered for your convenience and will meet your needs as it rolls like a hand truck around the job site and has been designed to  smoothly be transported up stairs with its 10″ stair climbing wheels. Once you begin the set up of the Trojan RM36540U,  you don’t need to worry about the terrain you are working on, such as uneven footing, as the Trojans legs adjust to uneven surfaces so the stand is always sturdy no matter what type of terrain you are working on. The simplistic and trouble free fence adjustment is to be exactly parallel with the blade for a wonderfully smooth and  accurate cut every time. The Trojan RipMaster RM36540U Stand is also made from a tough and durable, steel tube construction design, so that your Ripmaster will last for years to come.

Featuring a  17 1/4″ x 21″ melamine table top, a sturdy cam lock fence, and an optional increased ripping capacity to 27″ or more, if purchased with the complimentary equipment. The Trojan Tablesaw is compatible with several differing top brands of bench-top table saws. To list a few it fits the Makita 2708, 2702, 2703, Skil 3400, Delta 36-540 & 36-510, the Sidekick 36-275, Craftsman 221740, Protech 4002, Black & Decker 9442, Clarke BT 1007, and the Tradesman 8030.

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