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Vise-Grip 18sp 18″ Locking C Clamp with Swivel Pads 18SP

October 1, 2012

Vice grips by definition are akin to a heavy pair of pliers which have the ability to lock onto objects that are in need of loosening or turning with a powerful grip. Many find simple every day tasks, such as loosening nails and screws, sufficient enough to purchase a pair of vice grips, but they can do far more than just that as they can clamp onto wood as well as an object being glued. There are a few differing vice grip options here are a couple we decided to feature.

Vise-Grip 18sp 18" Locking C Clamp with Swivel Pads 18SP

The Vise-Grip 18SP 18″ Locking C Clamp with Swivel Pads is an 18 Inch vicegrip model with a pair of Locking C-Clamps and Pads. The jaw adjusts to 0″ – 8″ and has a throat depth of 9 1/2″. The Vise-Grip 22 was designed with wide-opening jaws which provide a far greater versatility than previous models as you are working on  clamping a variety of shapes and sizes. A turn screw is available to adjust the pressure and fit the work. In addition, It stays locked in place in case you need to repeat your most recent application. The Vise-Grip 18SP is constructed of a high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum impact, toughness and durability. Included is a guarded release trigger which quickly unlocks and protects you from an accidental release. You will find this tool is engineered for supreme balance, an ease of handling, as well as many other functions which can be performed with just one hand. The swivel pads are designed to hold tapered work, awkward fabricating jobs, and even delicate projects requiring finesse.

Vise-Grip 20r 9" Locking Chain Clamp 20R

The Vise-Grip 20R 9″ Locking Chain Clamp is 9″ with a chain length of 18 inches and is Vise’s most popular locking plier/wrench with an 18″ chain. It will hold any size or shape that the accompanying  chain can be wrapped around.

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