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WEATHER GUARD 110 Gallon Transfer Tank 360-3-01

July 28, 2012

WEATHER GUARD 110 Gallon Transfer Tank 360-3-01

You can feel completely safe transferring your diesel in the WEATHER GUARD 360-3-01 110 Gallon Transfer Tank. This  Fuel Transfer Tank is baffle designed, as it reduces fuel movement and provides extra reinforcement and is specifically engineered for transferring diesel fuel. You will feel confident transferring fuel from the bed of your pickup truck to remote or heavy construction equipment, thanks to the durable full arc-welded construction of this tank. The 360-3-01 is made with quality heavy 14-gauge steel and the interior baffles are additionally included as they prevent fuel sloshing and provide extra reinforcement. The lockable and vented filler cap prevents excessive in-pressures to build-up and the fill tube is reinforced with the necessary length that will allow for tank expansion.

At the end of the day, all this is made to give you, the transporter, peace of mind while trucking your diesel back and forth between big machinery at your job sites. The transfer tanks will fit with most bed liners, and have a plate steel flange for secure mounting. In addition the WEATHER GUARD 110 Gallon Transfer Tank 360-3-01 is versatile, as it is also compatible with the WEATHER GUARD Cross and Saddle Boxes, and comes in several differing capacities to best fit your usage. In regards to the finish, which comes in a color exclusively designed to give you the shiniest exterior, it is painted and protected with a Brite White powder coat finish.

The specifications on this WEATHER GUARD 360-3-01 110 Gallon Transfer Tank  are; a height of 27″, a width of 19″, and a length of 37-1/2″. The total maximum capacity of the 360-3-01 is 110 gallons. The mounting hardware is included for you to equip either  your  personal or professional truck to hold this WEATHER GUARD Transfer Tank on the back of the truck bed.

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