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Weatherguard Full Size Van Solid Bulkhead 86520-3-01

March 3, 2013

Weatherguard’s New Design

on the Full Size Van Bulkhead 86520-3-01

weatherguard 86520-3-01 Full Size Van Solid Bulkhead

The Weatherguard 86520-3-01 Full Size Van Solid Bulkhead has a completely new body design. What’s new, is that this design has a new universal fit for full sized vans, and is now made with a secure 16-gauge steel, which allows you to separate the driver compartment from the cargo area. Another great benefit of this new design is that it also offers maximum protection against shifting loads.

Protection From Break Ins 

Weatherguard’s new bulkhead design provides maximum occupant protection and safety as a result of the added 16 gauge steel used in it’s manufacturing, while the decision to redesign the cab’s climate control adds another level of added comfort. Finally, there is also an option to convert the Weatherguard Bulkhead into a swing door by simply ordering the 86555-3-01 Hinge Kit.

The 86520-3-01′s Universal Fit

Weatherguard simplifies the new design by keeping it smart, with an exclusive 9″ x 12″ “dog hatch” door. The dog hatch door allows easier loading of long materials, while also allowing the operator to now utilize all the empty floor space in front of the bulkhead. An easier installation option is also newly available, thanks to the inclusion of  sidewall and roof mounting brackets. Additionally, the new vertical panel design aids in reducing ambient noise levels, as well as provides a tighter seal to improve the heating and cooling efficiency in the passenger area.

Perfect For…

Weatherguard made the 86520-3-01 Bulkhead with a universal fit perfect for most full-sized vans. The 86520-3-01 is available in a variety of styles, making it easier to choose the right one for your specific needs (the 86520-3-01 fits GM ’97 to current, Ford ’96 to current, and Dodge ’02 and older).

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