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weatherguard White Steel Hi-Side Box – 96-1/4″ 296-3-02

July 9, 2013

Stronger With More Space Than Ever

weatherguard 296-3-02 White Steel Hi-Side Box - 96-1/4"

With better materials and a sturdier constructed design, the weatherguard White Steel Hi-Side Box – 96-1/4″296-3-02 is tougher and more durable than ever before. The 296-3-02 is constructed with steel, heavy gauge steel, and a heavy gauge aluminum, making this box stronger than ever. The doors and reinforcing channels are made from heavy gauge aluminum and are adjustable, as each newly designed door can now adjusts from 90° to 180° to offer unrestricted access to your tools. In addition, this White Steel Hi-Side Box offers more space with a picture-frame body design and an extra large opening, ultimately enabling maximum utilization of storage space and tool accessibility. There is also an adjustable leg mounting, which is included in the designed of the box, that offers sturdy adjustable legs to allow you to easily customize the boxes mounting points while also maximizing bed space.

Theft Free Design

Protection for your tools is the number one goal with a Weatherguard steel truckbox and the White Steel Hi-Side Box – 96-1/4″ 296-3-02 is designed with several new additions to accomplish just that. The full weather stripping and close-tolerance door flanges are a direct aid in keeping weather, such as rain, sleet, snow, or hail,  from ruining the contents of the box. In addition, An aluminum hinge is present as a  full length, staked, piano hinge that aids in  maximum durability and rigidity. Plus, aircraft-type cables connect to the full-length reinforcement channel, and both features serve to keep would be thieves at bay. In addition, a large stainless steel D-handle allows for easier opening and locking, even when one is wearing gloves. and  there is a three point latching system implemented into the boxes design that further enhances security. Finally, each side of the box is secured for an even stronger seal, which offers another safe deterrent from weather, theft and vandalism.


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