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Werner Blue Armor 1000 Retrieval Harness With Tongue Buckle Legs H242005

October 5, 2012

Werner Blue Armor 1000 Retrieval Harness, Tongue Buckle Legs H242005

OSHA reports that in 2010, 751 construction workers died on the worksite, 35% of those deaths resulted from falls. Twenty five States have OSHA approved State plans in place, to protect workers with standards and enforcement policies. As a result, investing in your own fall gear has never been a better idea.

The Werner H242005 Blue Armor 1000 Retrieval Harness With Tongue Buckle Legs has WebAlert inspectable webbing which makes heavy duty wear and damage visibly obvious. The benefits of this product are the multiple impact indicators, which aid in making your inspection easier. The large back pad has a breathable, sweat absorbing foam which helps keep the Blue Armor harness untangled while your wearing it. Another implementation in the safety design is the shoulder D-rings, which aid in retrieval duties in confined spaces. Another feature that adds to the harness’ simple, but smart design, is the tongue buckle leg straps, which are ideal when multiple workers end up sharing the same harness. Plus, a 5-point adjustment is available and gives each wearer an all encompassing and optimal fit.

The Werner Blue Armor 1000 harness offers the correct combination of top safety features, comfort, sustainability, and added durability needed by the  professional construction worker. In addition, this harness is lightweight, offering hardware, pads, and  bright neon colors, which helps by offering a high-visibility way to easily spot workers. The built in back pad is engineered to be large enough to protect the user’s entire back with padded material, while also absorbing the wearer’s sweat, and still providing maximum comfort at the same time. The rear dorsal D-ring is made from a high quality forged alloy steel, for added strength and durability, meaning you will still feel safe even when you are putting your harness through heavy duty use.


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