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Wet/Dry Vac: Part 2 Ridgid 31693 16 Gallon High Performance Wet/Dry Vacuum WD1851

December 12, 2012

Now that we’ve provided you with the top seven things you didn’t know you could do with your wet/dry vacuum, sit back and read up on one of our top recommendations, the Ridgid 31693 WD1851 16 Gallon High Performance Wet/Dry Vacuum.

High Performance Hook Up

Ridgid 31693 WD1851 16 Gallon High Performance Wet/Dry Vacuum

This wet/dry vacuum has a 16 gallon capacity, and is able to conquer flooded basements and snow soaked carpets easily, thanks to the combination of an 120 volts, 6.5 HP, 12 amp motor. Saying it gets the job done is an understatement. Additionally, the Ridgid 31693 includes every thing you need, such as a 2-1/2” x 7’ Tug-A-Long Locking Hose, two extensions wands, a utility nozzle, a car nozzle, a wet nozzle, a crevice tool, and a  muffler/diffuser. Plus, the powerful motor picks up an impressive 1 gallon of water per second! Another great feature of this product is that the scroll noise reduction is a Ridgid patented feature, which provides an amazingly quiet operation, thanks to its ability to  manipulate the air flow.

Life Made Simple

Made to roll, this sturdy cart can be easily pushed with its included handle and large rear heels, which act together to allow the vacuum the ability to travel up and down steps, and across any rough terrain. Another handy addition, is the quick release accessory storage bag, which was made to keep the 16 gallon wet/dry vacuum’s  accessories close at hand so that they can then be quickly removed to make emptying the collected debris from the vacuum’s drum both quick, and simple.

Job Site Durability

Included with the Ridgid 31693  is a 2-piece drum, which provides an improved rugged construction to meet the higher demands of the more professional user. One such feature is a 3 layer dust filter, which captures the fine dust particles found on the job site. Additionally, the tough tug-a-long locking hose is made strong, thus ensuring it won‘t pull loose  on you while your using it. In addition, Ridgid made this wet/dry vacuum with a powerful exhaust air-stream which can be used to direct air-flow through the vacuum’s hose. This allows it to blow the collected debris from almost anywhere and everywhere you can think of.

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