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WobbleLight 400 Watt Metal Halide Work Light WL400MH

May 9, 2012

The WobbleLight WL400MH 400 Watt Metal Halide Work Light is made tough and durable for a trouble free, luminescent work space, ensuring that your surroundings will be brilliantly well lit! Wobblelight’s WL300MH 400 Watt work light was designed to be rugged, it’s durable exterior ensures that you won’t have to worry about this light breaking or busting when its knocked off or over. With this Wobblelight Work Light, you may have to replace the bulb, but you shouldn’t have to replace the light.

 The WobbleLight WL400MH is engineered with a strong polycarbonate dome, replacing the place of glass, making it almost impossible to shatter, and if it does fall or get knocked around there is a designed floating shock system inside this work light, which offers further insulation and protection. Also included, is durable plastic housing guaranteeing that your WobbleLight WL400MH will not end up bending or self-righting, and the oval design of the frame helps to keep you confident that it will not fall over, even if pushed, but will actually bob back into the desired upright position.  So now your probably thinking, “okay, so it’s almost durable enough to play football with it on asphalt, but just how bright is 400 Watts”? To put it into perspective, this 400 Watt Metal Halide Work Light has 40,000 lumens, which is ONLY EQUAL to a 31,100 watt light bulb. It makes my eyes water just thinking about it! Even though you may use this work light at night, or while working in dark spaces, don’t be surprised when you find yourself almost wishing you had brought your shades when working under its near retina burning, brilliant luminosity. To translate that into function, with that bright of a light burning, it is possible to light up an entire outdoor area, large areas in commercial construction and heavy industry, and even large indoor areas. A large workshop or even a barn could be lit up with a single WobbleLight WL400MH Metal Halide Work Light.  Even with all this wattage, the WL400MH will stay cool to the touch, it will not grow hot, or burn you, even after running it for hours at a time. There is always the option of buying multiples of this item and stringing them together for a serious light source.

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