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WobbleLight FH-01 35 watt HID Xenon Torch, FH-01, 2600-Lumen HID Flashlight Kit, Black

July 13, 2013

Light Your Way Up To 3000 Feet

WobbleLight FH-01 35 watt HID Xenon Torch, FH-01, 2600-Lumen HID Flashlight Kit, Black

A professional grade flashlight that blows all the competition away is the WobbleLight FH-01 35 watt HID Xenon Torch, FH-01, 2600-Lumen HID Flashlight Kit, Black, which has the amazing capability to shine a high beam, of bright clear visibility, up to 3000 feet for it’s user. The Xenon Torch is able to achieve a shine elongating up to 3000 feet with the 35 watt HID Xenon bulb, which is made to specifically produce a whopping 2600 lumens, making it possible to achieve the absolute farthest light beam available in a a handheld flashlight. The FH-01 flashlight is constructed of high grade durable materials including a military grade aluminum casing, which consequently makes the Wobblelight FH-01 ready for the toughest, roughest and most abusive work environments you can throw at it. The FH-01 is around 18″ long, weighs in at  3.4 pounds, and quickly and easily recharges after use in 1-2 hours. The flashlight uses a Lithium Ion Battery  that lasts up to 100 minutes when the high beam is being deployed, and a 140 minutes when the low beam is in use. In addition, the Xenon Torch is adjustable for any situation, as this handheld flashlight’s beam can be changed from a spotlight beam to a large floodlight beam.

Wobblelight Uses and Kit Inclusions

The  WobbleLight FH-01 35 watt HID Xenon Torch, 2600-Lumen HID Flashlight Kit, comes in the color black and comes with a carrying case, a strap, a lithium ion battery, a car charger, a wall charger and an amber lens for foggy conditions. Additionally, the FH-01 is best suited to professional uses including the professional emergency fields such as police work, firemen, swat, and military service branches. That being said however, it can also be applied to other industries including auto repair, construction, home inspection, and even recreational activities such as spelunking and camping.


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