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WobbleLight NightSearcher WorkStar – Rechargeable Battery Operated LED Work Light 511500

July 2, 2013

Portable Light For Wherever and Whenever You Need It

WobbleLight NightSearcher WorkStar - Rechargeable Battery Operated LED Work Light 511500

One portable light solution for every situation that needs lighting is the WobbleLight 511500 NightSearcher WorkStar – Rechargeable Battery Operated LED Work Light, which is perfect for all of your lighting  needs and applications. Enjoy eye scorching portable lighting as you go camping, work out in the garage, are hunting caged animals that can’t run or get away, or who aren’t afraid of large plastic lights that are rife with the smell of man odor all over them. Whether it is hunting or summer recreation, the Nightsearcher lasts 3 hours on high and 7 hours on low, making it perfect for help in setting up camp in the dark and keeping animals away from your camping sight. Automotive repair can so often  encroach into the nighttime hours, especially at home. But that’s no problem, as the WobbleLight 511500 has a 35-65 foot light range, so you can easily set up your Nightsearch outside and work on your car until the kids are grown.  Construction and repair work can also run into, or begin, in the night, especially in summer months where working during the daylight hours can lead to a host of heat related illnesses, or when tight deadlines mean making budget or breaking it. With 1000 lumens on low and 2200 lumens on high, the Nightsearch Workstar  keeps work areas lit up so your work can continue with efficiency.

Efficient with Power Options

Displaying 2 modes of  options and superior battery technology, the WobbleLight WorkStar is fully portable at 5 pounds and is a rechargeable light that is light weight and easy to carry. It is built with 10 high powered LEDs and a  110° pivoting head running on a long lasting fade free Li-Ion battery. For a higher span of light, the light can be mounted to a tripod. An additional feature is the light’s versatility to either operate with a Li-on battery, or be plugged into a wall, 120 volt charger, or a USB, and comes with an included charging port on its back. The light takes four hours to recharge, but also easily operates while plugged in, plus it includes a battery charging status indicator. The Wobblelight Nightsearcher Workstar is water and shock resistant and has been IP65 rated.

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