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Wood Working Power Tools 101: Part 2 Featuring The Bosch 617EVS Router

November 11, 2012

Remember while considering any power tool to include thoughts on what you would use the most in your wood shop, what would bring the most value to your work, and what styles and options you would like to involve into your woodworking designs. With this in mind we look to the next tool most utilized in a wood workers shop. Once again stick to the well known industry standards when choosing a tool, choose a brand with a quality reputation.

Consider a Router

This tool is a MUST! It is a purchase that will have you wondering why it took you so long to make it a needed addition to your tools, as it adds versatility and originality into your woodwork designs. The router will literally opens doors for a plethora of endless possibilities. In addition, a router will offer a series of wonderful looking edge treatments and joinery as well as the ability to flush trim bits and pattern bits. Also, duplication will be a snap with this tool. The router can also be utilized with a multitude of available  flattening and jointing tool applications, greatly improving your projects overall.

Bosch 2.25 HP Fixed-Base Electronic Router 1617EVS

A great router is the Bosch 617EVS 12.25 HP Fixed-Base Electronic Router, which offers a variable speed dial optimization or a matching speed feature. Also a coarse and microfine bit depth adjustment system, with re-settable depth indicator, will offer your Bosch 617EVS Router the ability to make simple and precise depth adjustments.

The Bosch 617EVS Router offers a tool-free template guide adapter for fast and easy template guide changes, a large 3-3/4″ base opening, plus a 2″ sub base opening, and an exclusive precision centering design. The precision centering design, which centers the bit precisely, makes it easy to keep the bit attached to the  intended cut-line when using jigs, templates, dovetail fixtures and similar guidance devices. There is also a soft start, with right or left switch location, offered for your  convenience, as well as a tool consistency and constant response circuitry, which maintains fade free power and speed under material load by providing overload protection.


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