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Wood Working Power Tools 101: Part 3

November 12, 2012

The last part of our wood working blog is ” Wood Working Power Tools Part 3″ which features the Milwaukee 6232-21 and discusses the advantageous of owning a bandsaw, jointer and planer. Although a recommended planer and jointer are not provided in this post, it is highly recommended that you get one to round out and complete your wood shop.

Bandsaw, Jointer, & Planer

Milwaukee Deep Cut Bandsaw with Case 6232-21

 To begin cutting curves, milling your own stock, and resawing stock you will need a bandsaw, a jointer, and a planer, of course this can all be done by hand, but these three power tools will make quick work of your projects.

A great bandsaw to start with is the Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Bandsaw with Case. This bandsaw comes ready to work with a powerful 11 Amp Motor providing maximum performance and endurance. With job site armor technology it has proprietary composite material and crush zone barriers, providing long lasting rugged protection from abuse.

Included in the design of the Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Bandsaw is an all metal drive that delivers a maximum tool life, with an all metal direct drive gearing system, which requires less servicing than a chain drive. Additional technology in the 6232-21 is a gear protecting clutch that extends gear and motor life by absorbing high impact forces caused by blade lock-ups, and a constant power technology helps maintain a consistent cut speed even through the toughest applications. Both offerings provide optimal performance in a bandsaw. A slimmer smarter motor housing increases the users line of site, delivering superior cut accuracy, and a balanced body design allows the tool to rest naturally in the users hands.

At 14.5 pounds, the lightweight 6232-21 Bandsaw ushers in more control over the tool, leading to less fatigue and user wear and tear at the end of a long work day. An LED Light tends to a well lit work surface for increased accuracy in cutting, and a button actuated tool-free design, allows the user to quickly adjust from an extended shoe to no shoes in a matter of seconds. Finally the 6232-21 brings versatility by allowing you to cut up to 5” by 5” material in one pass, and the supportive adjustable shoe allows for less tool rotation when cutting material above 5”.

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