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Wood’s Power-Grip Company Spotlight: Now

November 21, 2012

 Woods Power-Grip Today

Do the Right Thing! Is Wood’s Powr-Grip’s philosophy. This philosophy follows through for not only clients of their products, but also for their dealers, distributors, business partners, employees and even their local community.  Wood’s Power-Grip believes that although their philosophy is simple, it is integral to keeping the integrity of their products and business in tact.

Once a small repair shop focused on producing products for mainly the automotive, electrical, and mechanical industries, Woods Power-Grip, would eventually turn a corner into specializing in the manufacturing of vacuum lifting tools and equipment, ultimately becoming the world wide leader in the manufacturing of these devices. Wood’s distributes and manufactures an array of their specialized vacuum cup tools and products specifically designed to improve safety on the work site,  improve work efficiency, and lower overall costs associated with industries utilizing their products.


Anything and everything you can possibly imagine as being connected with handling glass, can be done with Wood’s Powr-Grip vacuum cups. Two general designs of vacuum cups are offered, the “below-the-hook vacuum lifters” as well as their standard “vacuum mounting cups”.  These vacuum cups have been engineered to make material handling and equipment mounting easy on the back while also aiding you in expending less total energy. The Woods Power-Grip product line can provide a lift, hold, and/or re-position on a variety of nonporous materials. Many of the materials that can be lifted are listed on their website as:

glass, plastics, engine valves, sheet metal, solid surfacing, laminates, stone slabs and appliances

Wood’s Powr-Grip will even customize a vacuum lifter in order to fit your companies application needs. If you have a material you would like to lift, that can not be lifted with their standard product line, then they will customize one for you, that comes with the minimal costs, same safety standards, ergonomics and reliability that you have come to expect from all of their products.

Wood's Power-Grip Company Building in Laurel, Montana

From a Small Town in Montana to the World

 Located in beautiful Laurel, MT, Wood’s Power-Grip vacuum cups as well as their equipment products are distributed worldwide in nearly 50 countries. Serving a diverse set of industries such as:

  glass, stone, general materials handling, construction and remodeling,flooring, equipment mounting, sporting goods, photography, picture framing, valve lapping, agriculture, HVAC, and plumbing

  Wood’s Powr-Grip accomplishes all their manufacturing, distributing, and custom designing with a team of about 100 employees in a 55,000 square foot  facility.



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