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Wood’s Powr-Grip 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup with ABS Handle N4000

October 25, 2012

Powr-Grip 8″

With the Wood’s Powr-Grip N4000 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup with ABS Handle you will find yourself able to do more things, with less help, and without the wear, tear and strain on your back. Installing patio doors, moving mirrors, windows, or a multitude of other tasks can be replaced with the use of these 8 inch Flat Vacuum Cups.

Easy On and Easy Off

Wood's Powr-Grip 8" Flat Vacuum Cup with ABS Handle N4000

The vacuum cups come designed with a lightweight yet heavy duty ABS handle. They provide  fast attachment onto whatever flat, nonpourous surfaces you are handling. If you are worried about the vacuum cups coming loose while your handling material, worry not, a red-line indicator warns the user by indicating any possible vacuum loss. This gives the user the time to set the product they are carrying down, and then reattach the cups. In addition, the check valve also allows for possible re-pumping once a problem has been indicated, without denigrating the pressure in the remaining vacuum. Once the product is in place and ready to be released, a release valve lever permits a quick and complete release, fast and efficiently. The product also comes with an easily replaceable handle, as well as a release valve and plunger. Take care of your vacuum cups with the included protective carrying case, which ensures your N4000 Power-Grip 8″ Vacuum Cup is always ready for use. As for specifics, the vacuum pads are a flat 8 inches, measuring 204 mm in diameter with a carrying capacity of 125 pounds per cup.

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