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Wood’s Powr-Grip 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle (91500) N4950

May 24, 2013

Oversized Windows Welcome

Wood's Powr-Grip 8" Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle (91500) N4950

The  Wood’s Power Grip 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup with Metal Handle N4950 is made to aid in loading, installing, and moving  glass and mirrors. Loading and unloading onto your truck is easily accomplished as the flat vacuum cup quickly attaches onto any and all flat, smooth, and non porous surfaces.The suction on the Flat Vacuum Cup N4950 holds your product, up to 125 pounds a piece, firmly in place, as the operator lifts with the metal grips provided on the vacuums tops. As the operator works, he/she will find this product offers a superior grip and lift with oversized residential and commercial grade windows and mirrors.

Moving Made Easy

Wood’s Powr-Grip 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup comes with a red-line indicator, designed to assist  in warning the user of any vacuum loss while the vacuum cups are in use. While the operator is moving materials he/she can at anytime check valve, and if loss has occurred midway through transport, the operator can easily begin to re-pump the vacuum cups while they are still attached to the product, without losing any of the of remaining vacuum. Once the move or installation is completely accomplished, the operator simply uses the vacuum cup’s release valve lever to accomplish a quick and complete release of material. If you possibly encounter any  manufacturing problems or defects with your grips, rest easy, as Wood’s covers these problems with the Powr-Grip Exchange Program. The Woods Powr-Grip 8″ Flat Vacuum is supplied with a metal handle and comes with a protective carrying case, that keeps your 8″ Flat Vacuum Cup preserved.


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